Simple yet sophisticated

Possibly the only fully flexible gas- and coal
combination grill in the world

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Not just another grill – but a 3 in 1 combined fully flexible gas- and coal grill

The combination of charcoal and gas means that you have ultimate control of your grill and heat. You can dispose the grill starter.

Take your grilling skills to a new level with the fastest up running and heat controllable grill ever.

All JensenGrill customers are more than satisfied with their JensenGrill and grilling has never been easier, as you are in full control. Place the chicken onto a rotisserie, smoke your fish or make the perfect pizza.

The powerful burners can be used to ignite the coals. Coal trays and can be moved to your preferred position.
The build in heating cabinet is perfect for placing your gastronomic creations to rest or simply prewarm your plates and dishes.
The adjustable coal tray system will distribute the desired heat and make your grill experience even better.
The 3 x 4,5 kW powerful burners ensure very height controllable temperatures – always.

Find a grill that fits you.

JensenGrill comes in six different designs with the same unique functionality features.

Get a quick overview of all the features that possibly makes the JensenGrill the only fully flexible gas- and coal combination grill in the world.