Grilling is about heat and control

The JensenGrill outdoor BBQ is the only true gas and charcoal combination grill taking the humble grilling to a new and different level.

JensenGrill is a unique product on the luxury grill market. JensenGrill has a vision: to create inspiration for culinary creativity. The overall goal is to take the inconvenience, time and planning out of barbecuing, and create an outdoor cooking experience so pleasant and effortless, that all your energy and inspiration can be channeled where they need to be: into creating barbecue culinary masterpieces!

“Unique” is not too strong a word for this true combination gas and charcoal grill and with only a small number being hand built every year it’s certainly exclusive too.

The design is timeless, and inspired by the classic country kitchen style. Clean, smooth lines and surfaces make the barbecue a harmonious unit; all parts integrate naturally into the overall design. All parts are made in top quality materials in thick dimensions securing a long life span.

The powerful gas burners ensure that your grill is up to temperature in 15 minutes without fail and most importantly all the charcoal is ignited simultaneously.  Simply place the full charcoal baskets in the rack, lower the rack to its lowest position and turn on the burners – you are ready to cook with no flare ups from unevenly combusted coals or fumes of smoke during the ignition phase.

You now have the flavour of charcoal with the total control of gas. Even more you avoid the hassle the grill coal starter.

Combination or dual fuel grills are pretty new on the scene. The concept is that you get the flavour  and unique radiation heat from the charcoal with the convenience and control of gas. JensenGrill in our opinion is the only grill that delivers on all fronts as a quality piece and professional outdoor cooking equipment.

However you choose to set up the JensenGrill (each burner has a mechanical ignition). In 10-15 minutes you have a fully lit charcoal grill, all coals evenly burned and ready to cook on without firelighters, gels charcoal chimney burners or associated dirt.

This is why the JensenGrill is perfect for the professional chef as well as the enthusiast.

Cooking results are superb and by adding wood chips, fresh branches from your fruit tree or herbs on top of the charcoal trays you can add great smoky flavour to your food.

Yes, you can smoke too something that other gas grills are not renowned for. Just put in the smoker plates in the coal trays fill it with sawdust, ignite the burners below to get the dust to smoulder, close the lid and away you go.

JensenGrill also offer a Sicilian lava stone for pizza which holds the heat better than any ceramic pizza stone. Your success making pizza is guaranteed.

Low and slow cooking is possible thanks in part to the gas burner that gives you perfect control over the heat.

JensenGrill enables real grilling on all levels with a world of opportunities.


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