Chopping board with holder and tray underneath to collect the juice

DKK 795,00

New unique chopping board with a juice collecting system with unlimited capacity.



New unique chopping board

JensenGrill has designed a new unique Chopping board. Everybody has tried to cut a roast and the juice is running out on the table. This is no longer a problem. Instead of a juice collection cutout this chopping board has a hole throug the chopping board into a tray underneath to collect the juice. The hole is designed so the juice drips of and does not run underneath the chopping board.

The tray has another purpose. Turn the chopping board upside down and you have a plain surface. Now you have a chopping borad for vegetables etc. When you are finish pull the tray half out and scrape the vegetables into the tray making it very easy to handle.

The chopping board is made from oiled Para-Wood. The dimensions are 42 x 27 x 4,5 (cm).

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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 16 cm