Gleerustol metal polish to clean the grill

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Stainless steel polish to clean your grill outside.

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Gleerustol is a fantastic cleaning product for stainless steel. Use it for cleaning the outside of the grill.

It is a metal polish product, that removes rust stains, smoke colour, grease stains etc.

Just add some polish on a fiber cloth put it on the surface and polish until the surface is clean. It is important that you follow the original grinding direction. If you don’t do that you might make scratches.

When you are finish make some sope water and remove the remaining polish from the surface.

To finish it of, we recomment that you take a clean cloth and ad our parafine oil from “Borup”. The surface gets a thin layer, that makes the grill look nice and protects against waether.

Now your grill will look like new.

Contains 75 ml.


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