ESTATE 3.0 2018 model (OUTLET)

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Estate 3.0 is the old top model from 2018. It comes with a gas cylinder compartment.

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Estate 3.0 2018 MODEL
JensenGrill is a unique product on the luxury grill market. JensenGrill has a vision: to create inspiration for culinary creativity. The overall goal is to take the inconvenience, time and planning out of barbecuing, and create an outdoor cooking experience so pleasant and effortless, that all your energy and inspiration can be channeled where they need to be: into creating barbecue culinary masterpieces!
JensenGrill combines coal/briquettes and flare up by altering the distance between the charcoals and the grate. Altogether, this means that JensenGrill is your perfect allied regardless of the season.

The design is timeless, and inspired by the classic country kitchen style. Clean, smooth lines and surfaces make the barbecue a harmonious unit; all parts integrate naturally into the overall design

Estate 3.0 is  produced from extraordinary stainless steel alloy (304)

The Estate 3.0 comes standard with a gas cylinder compartment.

Estate 3.0 comes with either silver or brass colored handles, knobs and logo.

Extras equipment for Estate 3.0: cover, side table, rotisserie, Pizza stone etc.



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Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 83 × 69 × 117 cm

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