JensenGrill for both charcoal, gas and smoking that suits you.

JensenGrill is a Danish grill, available in five different designs with the same unique features: a quality grill with both charcoal and gas, providing full heat control. It is a grill for private and professional use. An English test gives JensenGrill top marks as the best gas grill. You get a professional luxury stainless steel grill that works as a gas grill, charcoal grill and smoker.

Not just another gas grill.

but 3 in 1 - gas, charcoal and smoker in one.

The combination of coal and gas makes good sense. JensenGrill has taken the best of both worlds and eliminated all the hassle.

  • Use the grill as a traditional, efficient gas grill
  • Use the gas to ignite the coals in just 8-15 minutes without smoke
  • Control the amazing radiant heat from the coal with a front handle
  • Never run out of heat when using coal. The gas burners can always be used as a supplement
  • Change your barbecue from gas or charcoal to smoke in just 20 seconds

Unique functionality in timeless design

Grilling has never been easier with a quality charcoal and gas barbecue. You get a stylish and professional barbecue with many features. Full control ensures the perfect heat for your rotisserie chicken, smoked fish, steaks, roast or the perfect pizza.

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Coal tray system for coal placement

The coal trays can be positioned according to the need for direct, indirect or even heat. The grill comes with a smart tool that makes it easy to move the trays when they are hot. The powerful burners are used to ignite the coals in just 8-15 minutes.

Height adjustment system for the hills

A front lever quickly and easily changes the distance between the grate and the pellets. Extreme heat can be achieved in the top position, which is ideal for steaks. If flames occur, you can lower it to the lowest position. For indirect heating, the height setting is used to control the upper and lower heat.

High performance gas and ignition system

The grills have 3 very powerful burners. Each burner is controlled with a handle at the front. Turn the throttle to activate the unique plug flame ignition system to start the main burner. This system is very reliable and has a long life.

Heating cabinet

The cabinet keeps the wind out and the radiant heat from the firebox creates a temperature of 40-70 degrees C. It's perfect for keeping your gastronomic creations warm, resting roasts or simply preheating dishes and plates.

Customers say this about JensenGrill.

It is pure joy to use Jensen Grill. Easy and versatile to cook on, and a pleasure to look at. We use it almost daily. Best grill ever.

I've just assembled the grill and I've rarely seen a product as accomplished as yours. Both the description, the videos, the packaging and not least the grill. I am a huge fan of your product.

Excellent product! Excellent service!

I should have bought it years ago, it just works. If you're into grilling, buy it, you won't be disappointed.

JensenGrill provides the ultimate grilling experience. It's simply brilliant. Fast delivery and Mads is always positive and inspiring.