The shop is open every Wednesday

JensenGrill has production and shop at Endrupgård in Fredensborg. It is a former stable building that has been converted into a shop with beams in the ceiling and a large fireplace. From the shop there is a view over Esrum Lake and Gribskov. In addition to the shop, the premises are used for barbecue courses and corporate events with barbecue.

In the shop we have JensenGrill, accessories, fire pits, Gourmet Fisch Griller equipment, products from UNDERFUNDIG, meat produced at Endrupgård and an exciting range of wines.

We areopen every Wednesday afternoon from

12:00 - 18:00

If not, call and make an appointment. Tel. 61273369

JensenGrill is a universe

With a JensenGrill you have a gas grill, charcoal grill and smoker in the same grill

We're probably the first barbecue in the world to combine both gas and charcoal, taking advantage of both. In addition, the grill can be converted into a smoker.

Traditional gas grill and charcoal grill

  1. Many people have both a charcoal and a gas barbecue.
  2. On a traditional charcoal grill, the heat is controlled by moving the food around the grill grate, while on a gas grill, the gas is turned up and down.
  3. Lighting coal can be a bit difficult to plan and it develops a lot of smoke if a barbecue starter is used.
  4. The charcoal grill gives an intense radiant heat and depending on the coals there is more fire flavour, where the gas should be seen more as a very hot oven.
  5. If you get flare-ups from fat and marinade dripping down, you have to move the food until the flames have subsided.
  6. In a charcoal grill, the temperature drops and the heat may be gone before you finish your meal.
  7. Lighting and controlling the temperature of a smoker can be tricky depending on the oven.

The benefits of a JensenGrill

  1. A JensenGrill is both a charcoal grill and a gas grill in one unit.
  2. On a JensenGrill, the coals are moved depending on whether you are cooking directly or indirectly. The heat is adjusted by raising and lowering the coals and turning the gas up and down.
  3. On a JensenGrill, the coals are lit with the gas in 10 minutes without smoke development.
  4. With a JensenGrill, you can easily and quickly get the intense heat from the coals and at the same time a really good gas grill.
  5. On a JensenGrill you lower the coals if you get flare-ups, so the heat drops immediately and the increased distance to the food means that any flare-ups don't cause problems.
  6. On a JensenGrill, the coals can always be supplemented with gas, so you never lack heat.
  7. On a JensenGrill you light the smoker with the gas. Besides, it's great to combine coal, gas and smoke.

Customers say this about JensenGrill.

It is pure joy to use Jensen Grill. Easy and versatile to cook on, and a pleasure to look at. We use it almost daily. Best grill ever.

I've just assembled the grill and I've rarely seen a product as accomplished as yours. Both the description, the videos, the packaging and not least the grill. I am a huge fan of your product.

Excellent product! Excellent service!

I should have bought it years ago, it just works. If you're into grilling, buy it, you won't be disappointed.

JensenGrill provides the ultimate grilling experience. It's simply brilliant. Fast delivery and Mads is always positive and inspiring.