"I wanted to create the perfect barbecue,
that combines coal, gas and smoke"

JensenGrill launched the first grill on the Danish market in 2011. This was the first grill in the world to combine charcoal, gas and smoke in the same flexible unit. This makes it possible to choose between grilling with gas, coal and smoke or all at the same time. Over the last 11 years we have developed several grills where the concept of combining gas, charcoal and smoke, unique design and the best materials, has been the cornerstone of all products.

The products are designed and developed by Mads Hartvig Jensen, who is trained as an engineer and has worked with industrial production, innovation and design over the years. Mads Hartvig Jensen lived in Australia for some time and had the opportunity to study a culture where food is prepared outdoors all year round. He has always had a passion for food and for exploring the many possibilities that arise when cooking is moved outdoors.

The idea of developing a barbecue that does it all stems from the annoyance that gas barbecuing is not ideal and the hassle associated with a traditional charcoal grill. Today, JensenGrill is designed, developed and hand-built in Denmark. This ensures a dynamic innovative local environment where good ideas are easily transformed into prototypes for testing and end up as new and exciting products.